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    A series of photographs designed to represent the story of Moses from the book of Exodus.
This was a photographic collaboration between me and Sara Ann Arey for our Church's series on the book of Exodus. The goal was to create images for each of the weeks that re-told the story of Moses and the Hebrews as if it was in a magical "once upon a time" setting. We did this by styling the models in clothes that felt like the time period, but then placed them in the middle of a forrest and used colored smoke and effects to give it the imagination filled story book effect. All the images were shot in a studio, and then edited to fit the scene. 
Moses Experiencing the Presence of God in the Burning Bush
Exodus Chapter 3
The Passover
Exodus Chapter 11 & 12
God Providing a Way Through the Red Sea
Exodus Chapter 14
God's Faithfulness and Provision in the Dessert
Exodus Chapter 16