Startup – Online-Store of esoteric production Ezoplanet

10.2010– 03.2011 Kolizeo
E-commerce department management (department arrangement) - startup – Online-Storeof esoteric production  - in scope of project – 24-hours phone astrological service -   - “Astrology" segment.
Project management, flowchart, development of concept, strategy, implementation – project is started on 
IT-solution “1С-Bitrix – 1C”, development of site informational architecture,usability development, customizing. 
Selection of outsourcers — companies for carrying out of different projecttasks.
Development of assortment, price, logistic policy. Signing of contracts with suppliers, including Chinese ones..

CRM – call-center – 8-499-504-16-46 Arkhangelsk. 
Financial monitoring, operational cost calculation, planning, budget. VATin-time submission, maintanence of book-keeping and other financial accounting.
Development of instructions, regulations, help and other project documentation.
Preparation of projects for contracts, presentations, other types of reporting,including daily KPI  for operationalreporting of information on the projects to company top management andDirectGroup company owners.
Checkpoint with the top management and DirectGroup company owners, presentingconcepts, budgets etc.   
Payment systems - - cash, money order,cards, e-money, terminals, Euroset, mobile micropayments. 
Hosting provider selection, creation of a 25K-50K load cluster, back-up, mirroring,Information safety regulations compliance.
Internet-marketing and promotion, Yandex.Market,, differenttypes of partnership, media-plans, offline promotion- "women magazines”, TVsales – “home shopping”, mailing, banners, context— Direct, AdWords, SEO, SMM
Accounts -YoutubeTwitter, Facebook