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    CBD plaza
The Fortune Plaza is positioned in the center of the Fortune Center which consists of five high-rises and takes over a key position within the Central Business District (CBD) in Beijing. The Fortune Center is a synthesis of offices, hotels, cultural centres, theatres, shopping centres, etc., and its dynamic silhouettes are the result of the wish to develop moderate building heights. Enclosed by the five high-rises with heights from 120 metres to 180 metres and a high-way, the plaza is like an oasis in an urban desert filled with steel-concrete constructions. 
The design of the plaza is to attain the following purposes:
1, Creating an open space for various users, such as visitors, dewellers, office workers, vendors, etc., and providing them with enough places and facilities for sitting, talking, watching, and eating.
2, Creating topographical slopes to avoid the negative influence caused by the high-way, to add interesting spaces to the plaza and  to match the dynamic-profiled buildings surrounding it.
3, Making full use of the various-heighted grass slopes - for example, creating interior space underneath the slope or attaching slopes with sitting facilities.