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Graphic Design Style Guide
Studying design history was jet fuel for my own work. When I took the course our class was focused on understanding style by making a book of design styles. After completing the project I realized it was a powerful tool to introduce students to the core concepts of each movement in the history of design. I decided to incorporate this book into a portfolio piece that included re-design of the cover of the comprehensive, reference book revealing the saga of creative innovators, ground-breaking technologies and important developments that shaped our profession. The textbook package sent to design history educators would include a style guide and essential materials to teach the course. Packaged to get attention from discerning professors with a masters who teach the subject at a college level, I needed to get their attention through graphics demanding attention. 
To reach the sophisticated eye of these instructors I started with attention grabbing packaging that was environmentally friendly. I developed a series of icons that could be reproduced on affordable packing tape for the book manufacturer John Wiley and Sons. I updated the book jacket and created a book of styles highlighting the epic story of design style. The booklet highlighted the artists, style characteristics and imagery of each era from Victorian to Postmodern. I created transitional pages that doubled as introductory images for a slide show of styles. Packed with resources for educators, the 5th edition of the textbook was accompanied by the style guide resource book, dry erase markers, eraser, laser pointer and tote bag. The goal of the project was to convince professors to adopt the award winning text for use in their classroom.
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