Innovative Design - or InnoD - is a special project of the academic senate at the University of California, Berkeley. We are a family of artists, designers, and photographers, collaborating to make Berkeley beautiful. From the start, the goal of the organization's rebranding was to put forth a robust new visual identity that remained true to the of the 2011 identity overhaul. The brand image had to be both distinctive and versatile, cutting-edge and accessible. And, of course, it had to re-incarnate Innovative Design's classic three circle climb.
What was achieved has been dubbed "stamp-out", a highly flexible, yet highly recognizable logo that can function as a negative space, positive space, viewing lens or canvas. The stamp-out distills the spirit of the old visual identity and channels it along a path of least resistance. It is the centerpiece of InnoD's brand image.
Collaborators: Jason Vizmanos, Elizabeth Lin, Alice Pang. Photography: Andie Biggs.
2013 Flier
Brand Deployment