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The Ancient Kaiju Project

...and other big things painted over pre-existing art

Laputa: Castle In The Sky Over Achensee / Scholastika - Original by Franz Richard Unterberger
The Iron Giant at the lake in the mountains by Switzerland. | Original by Alexei Savrasov.
At-At Among The Sierra Nevada | Original by Albert Bierstadt
This post is about my most recent project which focuses on learning to master traditional looks by painting Kaiju´s and other big things in existing classic landscape paintings.
Kaiju at Bridal Falls / Yosemite Valley  | Original Painting by Albert Bierstadt

My approach is about learning.

Structure, lighting and paint strokes used by the original artists have a sophisticated signature - emulating a similar look in Photoshop without even touching the original is exciting!
Kaiju Evening at the Juniata | Original by Thomas Moran
All the creatures or objects you see below are painted by hand with the use of a Wacom Cintiq pen display. The difficulty lies in recreating the brushes, the strokes and the general mood.
It requires a keen understanding of working in Photoshop, painting and art in general.
Kaiju Evening at the Juniata - Painting Process
You could call it high-end artistic retouching - but that would be a boring matter to me, I added something that is not there in the first place to make learning challenging and fun.
Godzilla in the Mountains | Original painting by Hermann Herzog
The result is a series of mash-up-artworks that are both; a declaration of love to the old Hudson River School and a tribute to the popular modern cult icons of our times.
Godzilla in the mountains - process Video
My ambition in following this series is to keep in the back of my mind that if the original artists would still be alive - I would want them to approve of my remix/cover version. 
Kaijufornia Spring | Original painting by Albert Bierstadt
The difficulty in today´s society is that skill isn´t a requirement for being a great artist anymore.
Howl´s Moving Castle at Staubbach Falls / Switzerland  | Original painting by Albert Bierstadt
Bringing "pop-culture" and traditional art together can bridge the gap to inspire others to explore classic works of art in a different way. 
Howl´s Moving Castle at Staubbach Falls / Switzerland - Process Sheet
The Ancient Kaiju Project

The Ancient Kaiju Project

Ancient Kaiju and other big things painted over pre-existing art is an art tribute to Hudson River Artists and Pop-culture phenomenon such as Pac Read More