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    Some school work,redesign of magazine..
Zenit / redesign
This is some kind of homage. Zenit was a very radical movement in initial years of the XX century.
He was in the form of journal. The founder was Ljubomir Micić (Zagreb/Belgrade). Zenit journal was poetry (in first place),visual arts (Russian avant-garde, dada, etc.), contemporary events, social critique and the ideology. The all idea of the movement was that young Yugoslavia was much stronger than all west Europe. Celebrate the spirit of the Slovenian. However, the most important things are the typography, visual text wrapping and visual games.
I did my version.
Content page
Radnik u rudniku misli : ima li zlata u mojoj muci.
Vrisak matera : zašto su baš moja deca tako nesrećna.
A sreća je smejati se.
Sreća je : u bolu jedan sekund misliti na radost.
Smejati se hiljadu miliona sekundi znači : umreti od radosti.