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Motorola Solutions 'Halo' Concepts
'Contemporary & cutting edge products with careful design finesse and beautifully executed design forms' was the brief - we were tasked to bring this to an entire line-up of scanners with a common DNA, new identifying corporate detailing and strong design story.
The physical appearance models from right to left - the 1500 entry-level, the 3000 mid-range, the 6000 high-end and the rugged IS (Industrial Scanner).
After many many dozens of sketches, nestled amongst them was the rough idea of a scan window that extended past the usual scanning field of view and around the entire product.
The Halo concept was quite a departure from previous generations of scanners and prompted an investigation into assembly options and part breakdown. The centre-sandwiched curved window enabled us to drive towards a striking new form language and alongside newer optical scanning technology, opened up some interesting opportunities to add colour and curvature.
It's always a difficult balance to ensure that the low-end scanner isn't perceived as 'the product you want, but minus all the good features'.  We looked at exploring the entry-level HALO scanner as a good looking product in its own right, with the style and feature set only getting better as you progress through the range.
Here the mid-range scanner in the line-up explores differentiation through a substantial rubber overmould on the handle and a texture break in the window.
One of the first 3D printed evaluation models to really see if this new form language looked as good as it did in the sketches and on screen.
------------------------------ HALO 1500 Series -----------------------------

The entry level scanner has the strong Halo form language but with a restrained feature set and a budget-concious design.  The circumferential window is scaled back to the essential area immediately in the scan engine's field of view and carried on 'in spirit' with a polished substrate around the sides & back.  Destined for intermittent use in retail and wired/powered by cable - the LED feedback is constrained to the top only to reflect the limited angles that are scanned in such situations.
------------------------------ HALO 3000 Series ------------------------------

The mid-range scanner in the line-up builds upon the base set of features in the 1500 series with the introduction of the circumferential window and adds a modularity element - the standard config is wired ethernet, but can be upgraded to wireless through a slideout module in the handle.  As befitting a higher end device that would be used in more situations, the LED feedback is visible through the window in the back and sides as well as through the top of the canopy.  The Msignia on the canopy also becomes a more striking element with a dual contrasting-textured aluminium jewel.
The models even worked!  We spec'ed the trigger to have a working resistance and clicking mechanism that triggered the LEDs to light up inside the unit.
------------------------------ HALO 6000 Series -----------------------------

The high end scanner in the Halo range is a pure high performing wireless scanner.  The 6000 series has premium details throughout, from the textured light pipe, to the metal bezel around the window, the metal RFID branding plate and the LED display showing the battery life and wireless signal strength.  To help simplify management of devices for users, the battery pack was designed to work for both the 4000 and the 6000 series interchangeably.
We created a textured lightpipe and simulated LED display to light up when the trigger was pulled.
------------------ HALO IS (Industrial Scanner) Series -----------------

The strongest, the toughest and the most capable scanner in the line-up.  This scanner has to metaphorically be able to hammer in nails, or at least, look like it could, all while looking good.  Rubber overmould is used liberally in key hit point areas and the classic Motorola Solutions 'Trigger Yellow' is used as a accent colour to be visible from all angles.  An LED display is recessed into the top canopy and provides wireless signal strength, battery life and a battery EOL (end of life) warning.
The rugged scanner has a visible light pipe in the upper handle for visual feedback when held high up.
The industrial scanner has an easily swapped battery pack for all-day working
Family photo!
Motorola Solutions 'Halo' Concepts
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