Dormitories and Refectory of the Adult Continuation School
The Adult Continuation School is in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China, with the area of 138000 sq.m. and the budget of 142 million RMB.  The school consists of  a refectory, an office building, a liberary, a stadium, and three dormitories, etc.

The dormitories and the refectory are linked underground by an interior street under the grass slope, sheltering people from wind and rain.
The plan of the dormitory is approximate to equilateral triangle. Apartments and elevators are averagely arranged on each edge. An atrium is designed for ventilation and natural lighting. Windows and balconies make a pattern language on the facade.
The dormitories are built on stilts on the grass slope. Beneath the slope, an interior street is designed to meet the daily needs of the students. People may go into the building either from the underground street or from first floor on grass slope.

The three-storied refectory is positioned at the end of the grass slope. The underground floor of the refectory is used for kitchen and dining hall. The first floor is used for slap-up diing rooms. The second floor is planned with a gym and several entertainment rooms.