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The project is a four-star commercial hotel in Xi Zhimen District of Beijing, which is a renewed district planned to be one of the financial centers of the city and is filled with commercial buildings. The site is adjacent to a highway and a cloverleaf junction. Bus stops and metro stations are nearby so that traffic is convenient. But the pollution and noise caused by traffic are serious problems. The limit on the height of building in this district is 80m. Exits and entrances for motor cars are only allowed in the east and south of the site which is adjacent to residential buildings in the south and the west. There are little open spaces and plantation for residents and passers-by in the surroundings of the site. The unique view is the Xi Mountain which lies to the northwest of the site. The main building- the apartments- is located in the northeast of the site to reduce the negative influence on the residential buildings around. The auxiliary building is located backward towards the street in order to provides a continuous green open space to the city.
The commercial hotel is a complex of restaurants, swimming pools, entertainments, ball rooms, shops, commercial services, multi-functional halls, and several meeting-rooms besides the apartments of superior qualities. Considering the conditions of the site and the requirements of the project, the hotel is designed with a three-storied auxiliary building which is extended to the exoteric landscape garden and the fourteen-storied apartments facing towards the Xi Mountain in the northwest. The apartment building is elevated by giant pillars which give an end to the  continuous green corridor in the north.