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    Pra Wedding Album Design & Editing
Prewedding Photobook Design
photo by HOP ( houseofphotographers.com )
Bandung, Indonesia

Been working for Houseofphotographers since 2010 till now.
The owner and photography crews are very professional and passionate.
Proudly said that i appreciate the owner who is the creative director that always give me know what wedding trends for this album design, from typography, color, layout, etc. Also direct how to put emotion or feeling inside a photo to become 'alive' at photo editing. The photo editing so many varieties, i've learnt and put it only for Houseofphotographers.

Kind and respect, very thankful for Houseofphotographers.
Best Regards,

Wenny Lee
Luky Fei
Paris PreweddingPhotobook, simple clean design
Felim Yenna
Hendrik Karen
Bandung Prewedding, royal classic chic design
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