Preso nos Palitos - INFRAME 24H - Audience Award
INFRAME is a festival of criativity for the lovers of Shorcuts films, which offers the experience for the participants to produce a 3-minute shortcut in just 24 hours, based on a theme and a prop, the teams must write, shoot and edit the film in digital format until the next day, thereby increasing the challenge! It is an open initiative to the public, students or not, professional or amateur.

On the 1st Edition of InFrame Film Fest, the festival "(...) received over 25 entries, 120 people in total, mostly from students from various locations, such as Caldas da Rainha, Lisbon, Sintra, Santarém, Leiria, Viseu, among other places.” and in 2014 the 2nd Edition beat the records of the previous year.

Festival organization were students of the Degree 'Som e Imagem'  and 'Design Gráfico e Multimédia' of ESAD.CR. The jury was composed by film producer and director João Figueirias, actress Joana Verona and director and musician André Tentúgal.

The group had some philosophical and plot twist ideas but we imediatly change the concept for a funny and simple thing. "A cursed toothpick were it's stops leaves the disaster. We cant escape to the CURSE!" Seems ridiculous, i know but we had so mutch fun writting, filming and editing. At the end we actually win an Award, the Audience Award and that's the true plot twist!

Here is the Shortcut Film

The group is grateful for the experience and congratulates the entire organization and during the two years of INFRAME. Thank You!
© INFRAME 24H Film Fest 2014
Preso nos Palitos - INFRAME 24H - Audience Award