• Mako Identity
    Identity design for a fashion photographer, Szilveszter Makó.
    Graduation project of Péter Orbán at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts
    Hidden Characters, 2014
  • Info
    Szilveszter Makó is a talented, up-and-coming young fashion photographer, currently working in Milan as a freelancer. In the first phase of the design process an in-depth analysis of Szilveszter's work was conducted, allowing for the identity's visual language to be based firmly on Szilveszter's photographic style and for it to be rooted in the charismatic quality of his work. This investigative study, serving also as a brainstorming device, established many of the distinctive compositional solutions, proportions and colour themes, and determined several possible design directions of the final outcome.

  • Logo
  • Szilveszter Makó photographer wears his necklace

    Visual Language
    analysis of Szilveszter's photographic style
  • distortion
  • composition
  • visual language
  • layout
  • colour scheme
  • Ideas
  • slim models

  • Business Cards
    screen-printed business cards with silver ink on 700 gramm matt paper
    printed by TCN Sign Studio

  • Portfolio Publication
    editorial design
  • close up of debossed graphical elements on the covers
    responsive web design
    limited edition of B2 posters with screen-printed graphical elements (silver ink) on matt ultra paper
  • screen-printed circle
    Stone Carving
    Mako mark was hand carved in stone
  • offline and online parts of the identity
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    © All photos used in the identity are properties of Szilveszter Makó.

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