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The Future is Now

The Future is Now
2023 Annual Group Meeting in Taipei

We have witnessed, endured, and surpassed a lot over the past few years.
Not just a global pandemic that changed the way we live our lives, but also social changes and movements that shook us to the core and altered the way we treat one another.

We now live in a world of change.
How we work and operate business have changed, how we conduct ourselves have changed. Lives have changed.

We are at the first step of a changed future.
What we do today, this very moment, has a direct impact on the days to come.
The Future is Now

2023 marks a very special year for the Steven Leach Group.
This year we are finally able to host a face-to-face annual group meeting in Taipei again. We would also like to take this opportunity to honor the present, which is also the future.
To celebrate this joyful occasion, Steven Leach Taipei decide to host a The Future is Now event at Sea to Sky.
Sea to Sky is an outdoor rooftop seafood bar located on the 47th floor of Xinyi Breeze. We want to take advantage of the stunning view and transform this blue-tone seafood bar into a space that celebrates the iconic red-tone SLA brand image.
To combine our vibrant CI red with the blue-tone of Sea to Sky without clashing the two colors, 
we introduced the Pantone color of 2023: Viva Magenta.
This dramatic magenta not only serves as a perfect medium for red and blue, it also symbolizes the year 2023, which reflects our theme of The Future is Now.
The Taipei 2023 Annual Group Meeting served as a platform for our diverse regional offices to converge and exchange innovative ideas. Through engaging workshops, interactive sessions, and spirited discussions, participants harnessed their collective expertise to address industry challenges and discover cutting-edge design solutions. The event fostered a collaborative atmosphere, enabling professionals from different backgrounds to forge meaningful connections and inspire one another with fresh perspectives. 
In addition to celebrating our shared accomplishments, the Taipei 2023 Annual Group Meeting demonstrated our company's commitment to social responsibility. By organizing a charity fundraising activity, we rallied our participants, vendors, and sponsors to support the Taipei Orphan Welfare Foundation 失親兒福利基金會. The remarkable generosity displayed throughout the event resulted in a substantial donation of NT407,000, which will go towards improving the lives of orphaned children in Taiwan. This contribution reinforces our dedication to giving back to the communities in which we operate and showcases the inherent compassion of our company. 
To make our event packed with fun activities for our guests, we created an Instagram station to showcase our SLA filters and stickers. We also stationed a photo-booth with fun props. And lastly as guests leave the event, we have prepared a giveaway made by Syin-Lu Social Welfare Foundation 心路基金會. We also custom made a cloth bag for the giveaway to contribute to a greener planet.​​​​​​​
Design: Steven Leach Group
Event Planning: Steven Leach Group, 希望行銷事業有限公司
Lighting and Equipment: 希望行銷事業有限公司
Photographer: 張國耀, Phoeny Lee
Party Venue: Sea to Sky
Date: 2023 / 05 / 18​​​​​​​
The Future is Now

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The Future is Now

2023 marks a very special year for the Steven Leach Group. This year we are finally able to host a face-to-face annual group meeting in Taipei ag Read More