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    My personal creative resume for advertising internships.
Who doesn't enjoy a little surprise?
This is the first resume in my creative resume collection, the Exploding Resume Box. It comes in the mail as a gift box, and when you take off the lid, the whole box explodes into layers of information. The first layer (the outermost layer) includes my education info, related experience, other experience and college leadership positions. The middle layer includes four mini portfolio books in four categories. The last layer shows my software proficiency, and a little bit of my personalities. In the center of the box is my business card with my online portfolio's QR code, so recruiters can go online to look more closely at my work.
This resume box demonstrates very well my personalities and my goals as a designer. I strive to find creative, fun, and surprising way to interact with my audience. Just because it is a print piece, it doesn't mean that it can't be interactive. This resume makes it fun for the recruiter to open, move, turn it around, and read it as opposed to a traditional resume. At the same time, because this is for my advertising internship, I want to use it as a memorable promotional piece for myself.