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    A collaboration with Jewellery designer Helga Blæsterdalen. This project was exhibited on Oslo Fashion Week 2011.
Street Granny

A collaboration project with Jewellery designer Helga Blæsterdalen. The photos was exhibited as a part of the Cocoon project at Oslo Fashion Week in february 2011. 

The purple cotton wig was knitted by five good friends of mine at a Gin & Tonic and Wig party, the night before the photos were taken. The multifunctional dress is made of wool jersey with silk details, and the jacket is redesigned from my grandmothers old Fana kofte (norwegian "Fana" sweater). All the jewellery is made of found materials.
Fashion Design: Marthe Næstby
Jewelley Design: Helga Blæsterdalen
Photo: Tor Orset
Make Up: Giske Forgård
Model: Moa