The project is in Las Vegas, USA, which is famous for the desert climate and casino business. Impressed by the conflicts between the fragile ecological system and energy consuming city, we deside the new city morphology should have something to do with a sustainable urban development. 

On the other hand, the heat island effect is a serious problem in Las Vegas City mostly because of car using and poor ventilation. It’s in these ways that the project shows its concept: to develope a low carbon, desert charactrized city by making use of the local wind and solar resources, and by advocating a better ventilated city morphology.

After research on various building forms, helped by computer analysis, We finally find out that ‘dune’ could be an ideal prototype for the new city. We develop methodology of ‘dune’ forms on the base of geometrical principles and create various types of buildings for residence, commerce and recreation, etc., all in the form of dunes. The block is made up by ‘dune ’ buildings whose elevations are changed in the way that compose a huge ‘dune’-shape block. Natural ventilation is enhanced by forming the city as dunes. Thus small wind farms are able to work between blocks, where streamlined garages and gyms can speed up the wind according to Venturi effect. Solar energy systems are scattered in the open space inside blocks. Walking and public transportation is highly encouriged by locationg parking lots outside blocks and making the size of bocks in walking distance. 

The new city presents a future-look CITYscape which demonstrates a healthier and sustainable life.