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Italy was out of the FIFA World Cup 2022. 
Italian supporters were teamless. Meanwhile Canada. where football is the least popular sport, qualified
The perfect opportunity for Fonzies, snack brand and partner of the Italian team, to make Italians cheer again.
So we launched the first Canada national team fan club in Italy.

Popular Italian sports influencers Gli Autogol called for Italian Canada supporters and Italians delivered, joining the club.
Each member got a kit to become the perfect Canadian fan, from social cards to dedicated tutorials.
Our community of millions cheered hard for Canada on social media. 
Fans gathered in pubs across Italy during Canada matches thanks to live events.


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Gli Autogol 

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Fonzies - Forza Canada

Fonzies - Forza Canada

Italy was out of the FIFA World Cup 2022.  Italian supporters were teamless. Meanwhile Canada. where football is the least popular sport, qualifi Read More