Quorus - law firm identity

Quorus — Brand identity
Quorus is a law firm based in Switzerland. Founded in 2016, it specializes in international legal projects.

The company provides high-quality services through experienced professionals worldwide. The firm's partners possess extensive experience and a broad network of contacts in various jurisdictions.

Year  — 2023
Country — Switzerland
Business area — Law firm
Task — Brand identity


Design concept
Chess and legal work share similar qualities – every move holds immense significance. Both require strategic thinking, wisdom, precision, and the ability to anticipate possible moves.

Drawing inspiration from chess, we incorporate elements from its realm: combinations of pieces and silhouettes reminiscent of the chessboard. We also experiment with lines that recreate the movement of pieces on the board and mountain landscapes that symbolize Switzerland, strength, and wisdom.


We've come up with concepts of social media posts and created avatars and cover images for Quorus' LinkedIn and Facebook.​​​​​​​

The flyer concept for event announcements, business cards, as well as corporate documentation that is necessary for internal communication within companies,
have been developed by us.

We have designed various souvenir products, including branded pens, mugs, and T-shirts.


The design concepts for horizontal and vertical billboards, that we've developed, ensure effective communication with the audience in urban spaces.

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Quorus - law firm identity