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    The first ones! Collection of the first logos that made it!
A collection of my first logo designs. Looking back at them makes me proud of the designer that I am today. I hope this is an inspiration for new designers on how far they can get on the design path and on how to never give up on their dreams, because these dreams might come true sooner than they think. Also it is an inspiration for those who think they are not good enough (just yet)!
P.S.: These were all accepted by their respective clients.
The above one is my first logos EVER!
The "S" above (as in Stephens) is still one of my favorites. I enjoyed so, so much making it. I still remember the fear of failing while in the process of designing it, but it turned out to be fantastic! The client was also extremely pleased with the result. 
The above "S" was a logo design contest winner. I participated in just one contest and won it. It was a lucky, happy and encouraging day for me :)