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Lobster Studio experimental typo
Lobster Studio Experimental typo

It is always a great pleasure to collaborate with the guys from Lobster Studio, one of my favorite animation studios, specialized in frame by frame animation (but not only) with a very nice and funny touch, very ironic.
We did a small experimental project, with the goal of pure exploration: starting from the Lobster name and brand palette, I create different lettering artworks in 2D, which they translated into 3D. The result is short animated bumpers, trying through 3D to remain faithful to the original illustrations, experimenting with techniques and styles.

Direction: Nikolay Ivanov
Production: Lobster Studio
3D Modelling and Animation: Panos Koutivas
Audio: Rocket Audio
Lettering: Davide Pagliardini
Lobster Studio experimental typo

Lobster Studio experimental typo

Collaborative project with Lobster Studio of animated experimental typography.