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Exhibitions "Hamburg shows art"

“Hamburg shows art & design" 2014 
- On the 18th of May 2014 + on the 19th of November 2014 -

It took place in Hamburg "Hafencity" - "Elbarkaden" and in the "Fischauktionshalle".
I was presenting my art, my photographs and my designs.
Everybody was invited to the show!

May 2014 - Exhibition area, Sunday nine o'clock in the morning ...
- Hamburg "Hafencity" - "Elbarkaden" -

Exhibition area -
My art & my designs in the "Elbarkaden" Hamburg ...

In a big format my photographs on canvas ...

... and mostly the photographs in a frame

Frames for the photographs:
Mittasch Leder-Manufaktur  
Handcrafted frames of leather

Product design
A poster in a big format
"Beauty Table" - "Chaoto"

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The exhibition with my book
"Elbe - Longing at the waterfront"

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The exhibition with my jewelry design
"Magic Balls"

Silver jewellery pendants
Specially designed for e.g. the jewellery company "Chopard".
Hand-cutting crystals in different colors with 925 sterling silver.

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May 2014 - The exhibition in Hamburg "Elbarkaden" ...
- "Hamburg shows art & design" -

November 2014 - The exhibition in Hamburg "Fischauktionshalle"

Exhibitions "Hamburg shows art"

Exhibitions "Hamburg shows art"

Exhibitions in Hamburg - "Hamburg shows art and design" 2014. Presentation of my photographs and my designs.