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    Those are all my 3Ds Max script some of them are available for download, the rest hopefully will be
Though I have been writting scripts for Maya since 2007 , but I have been only writting script for 3Ds Max since september 2013, though this short time I have been working day and night and weekends to complete those scripts and I was really happy with th results
Sal Pose Manager
V1.0 Features:
   -Create poses for your rig, and organized them in Character folders and Pose Group folders
   -Add, Remove, Edit your poses and take their images form viewport or render
   -Share your poses and copy them to your team
   -Make your poses work on other characters with similar rig
Future Features (Hopefully) :
    -Manage also facial pose animation library within the pose library
    -Selection panels for Pose Group Members
    -CAT rig poses and animation library handling
Sal Facial Auto Rig
V1.0 Features:
   - All you have to do is to add controls and pick their morphs
   - Save your Script's settings to use it again for other characters, and make your rig standard
   - Automaticly mirror controls and create mirror shapes and controls for them
   - Add slave objects to control their position and rotation
   - Easily navigate through your morphs and controls using the script UI
   - Custom colors for controls and controls shapes are arrows automaticly made by the scripts to explain their
possible moves
   -Create morphs using reverse and mirror tools to make creating rig easier,
   -clean unwanted changes in some vertices so fix creating morphs mistakes
Sal Max Render Assistant
V 0.9 Features:
-Render multiple cameras locally or on Backburner, 
-Render multiple Animated and still cameras
-Merge cameras only from multiple files, and you can name the merge cameras as their files
-Procssing files for those actions:
  -- Merge files
  -- Save Files As
  -- Run Script
  -- Rename Objects
  -- Parenting
  -- Replace CAT Characters
  -- Load Material Library
  -- Load Render Presets
  -- Show Hide Layers/Objects/Category
  -- Assign Materials
  -- Load Skin Envelope
  -- Cloth Simulation
  -- Point Caching
  -- Shell
  -- Smoothing
  -- Set Render Output
  -- Save File
  -- Render
- you can run those process for the current file, or for the selected files