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LAB.C Cable Case
Industrial Design
LAB.C Cable Case for iPhone 5/5S (2013)
Background ​
Smart phone is an essential thing in our life today and many people use their phone all day long. The biggest problem while using smart phone is battery discharges. It is too cumbersome to bring both cable and adapter for charge and also There is a danger to lose.
We made a grooved part at the back of the iPhone 5/5S snap case which has some space, so it is able to store the specially formulated 8-pin USB cable to solve that inconvenient problem.
You can take off the cable attached to the case and charge the phone and transfer files without risk of losing it.
Dimensions: W61 X H126 X D11.5(mm)
Material: Polycarbonate, Silicon, Color spray & urethane coating
Colors: Dark Navy & Yellow / Royal Blue & Yellow / Brilliant Red & Yellow / Deep Black & Black / Shiny White & Black

Designed by Plus X in collaboration with Youngin Koh.


LAB.C Cable Case

LAB.C Cable Case

LAB.C Cable Case for iPhone 5/5S Smartphone is an essential product in our life today. However, one inconvenient weakness is that the battery dis Read More