Avocado Multi-function Vegetable Cutter [牛油果-切菜器]design
Industrial Design
Avocado Multi-function Vegetable Cutter [牛油果-切菜器]design

Avocado Multi-function Vegetable Cutter design,  牛油果-切菜器设计

Year 2023.


Industrial Design Description

    大消费时代,人们对于家居生活环境与生活用品的搭配尤为重视,在精致生活家居的影响下,生活用品逐渐偏向简约精致、装饰化和情感化。切菜神器作为近年来较为新潮且受欢迎的厨房用品,而市面上的切菜器大多强调功能为主,外观工具化的产品风格,已经无法满足现代年轻家庭与人群的审美与情感需求。我们以简约、亲和、可爱、装饰性元素为基调,设计了这款“AVO 牛油果”切菜神器

    “AVO 牛油果”切菜神器,基于牛油果的造型进行仿生设计。圆润亲和的果核护手提供舒适的抓握体验,同时能保护双手不被割伤,双手在不接触食材的情况下即可将其进行固定和进行滑动切割。上壳的刀片可进行替换与收纳,满足使用者在不同的切割需求,上壳的纹理起着导向作用,配合护手上的导轨,让每次切割的方向保持稳定一致性。大容量的底部果壳可容纳更多的果蔬切片,果蔬切片可直接在底壳内清洗后通过沥水孔沥水,极大节省了用户的工具切换和使用时间。护手、底壳与上盖合上后即可收纳成一个亲和可爱有趣的牛油果外观,给单调的厨房环境增加一些小乐趣

In the era of mass consumption, people pay particular attention to the matching of home living environment and daily necessities. Under the influence of exquisite home furnishings, daily necessities tend to be simple, refined, decorative, and emotional. As a trendy and popular kitchen gadget in recent years, vegetable slicers on the market mostly emphasize functionality and have a tool-like appearance, which no longer satisfies the aesthetic and emotional needs of modern young families and individuals. We designed the "AVO Avocado" vegetable slicer with a minimalist, friendly, cute, and decorative element as the main theme.

   The "AVO Avocado" vegetable slicer is designed based on the shape of an avocado. The round and friendly fruit core handle provides a comfortable grip experience while protecting the hands from cuts. The hands can fix and slide the ingredients without touching them. The blade on the upper shell can be replaced and stored, meeting users' different cutting needs. The texture on the upper shell plays a guiding role, and the guide rails on the handle keep the cutting direction stable and consistent. The large-capacity bottom shell can hold more vegetable slices, and the vegetable slices can be drained through the drainage hole after cleaning, greatly saving users' tool switching and usage time. After the handle, bottom shell, and top cover are closed, they can be stored as a friendly, cute, and interesting avocado appearance, adding some fun to the monotonous kitchen environment.

Exterior design
Simple natural cute fun

Product Production - 3D printing test adjustment 

Repeated 3D proofing tests and hands-on experience to adjust the best man-machine, size and function

Physical Display

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Avocado Multi-function Vegetable Cutter [牛油果-切菜器]design