PASTELLO Draw Act -KidSpace for NGV-
As part of the National Gallery of Victoria's commitment to design and children’s programming, 
we have been commissioned to conceptualise and design a new immersive Kids Space focused on transforming perception surrounding the simple act of drawing.
The name ‘Pastello’ derives from the Italian word for pastel or crayon – the principal material we embraced for this project.
Crayons are made of wax that can be melted and moulded.
Pastello - Draw Act is a dedicated environment based around the re-imagination of traditional drawing tools and processes. 
The concept shifts perceptions and expectations about traditional materiality, media and the act of drawing itself. 
It is active, colourful, inspiring and fun. The objective of the space is to ask children to break out of their comfort zone and to become active protagonists in the physical act of drawing. Children will be prompted to draw in odd and quirky ways; through sport, performance and random bodily expression, using melted oil pastels as re-imagined drawing contraptions.
Mathery’s concept for this NGV design commission includes interior architecture, graphic design, product design, furnishing and film – representing our creative capability as a multi-disciplinary studio.
The space becomes the media, architectural surfaces serve as substrate, traditional drawing tools are transformed in scale and form, and everyday artefacts mutate to form a stunning array of improvised drawing utensils.
NGV Director Tony Ellwood says: “We are fortunate that these talented Italian designers have chosen to spend time in Melbourne; the NGV and the city will benefit from their unique aesthetic and idiosyncratic approach to the design process.”
Pastello: Draw Act is on display in the Children’s Gallery at NGV International from 10 May to 31 August 2014.

T H E  P A S T E L L O   C R A Y O N S  :

T H E  P A S T E L L O   C A M P A I G N  :

T H E  P A S T E L L O   S P A C E  :

T H E  V I D E O :
Designed specifically for the Pastello -Draw Act space, this video features aspects of the crayon creation process, showing moulds and materiality.
In conjunction with music composed by Alex Albrecht, the video forms part of the journey and contributes to the children's multi-sensory experience.
Designers: Erika Zorzi & Matteo Sangalli of Mathery Studio
Curator: Ewan McEoin
Design Manager: Ingrid Rhule
Video by:  Mathery Studio 
Sound Artist: Alex Albrecht
Models: Estela and Griffin
Products' still life Photography: Mathery Studio
Interior photography: Tobias Titz
Photographer: Selina Ou
Art Direction: Mathery Studio
Stylist: Lauren Stephens
Stylist Assistant: Lia Van Arkadie
Thanks to Crumpler and Andycraft.
With generous support from Connie and Craig Kimberley and the Truby and Florence Williams Charitable Trust.
. . .I T   A L L   B E G A N   W I T H    9 K G   O F  M E L T E D   C R A Y O N   A N D   A   C A M P I N G   S T O V E .
PASTELLO Draw Act -KidSpace for NGV-

PASTELLO Draw Act -KidSpace for NGV-

As part of the National Gallery of Victoria's commitment to design and children’s programming, we have been commissioned to conceptualise and des Read More