The Detroit Series: Past, Present, Future?

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  • The legacy of creativity and triumph in Detroit, throughout historic past, dynamic present, and the auspicious future. Each set in this series describe Detroit's history in series of 7 pictographic compositions detail a statement of Detroit's character throughout the age. Each set poetically spelling out "D-E-T-R-O-I-T", as too, how the city itself is seen at a distance.

    The Past - From the wild and untamed lands of the Frontier America - to - the dawn of the Industrial Revolution. (1770s to 1920s)

    The Present - The Boom Capitol of the Post-War era to the modern globalization and corporate takeover of the world. (1940s to 2000s)

    The Future - A choice for those who honor the legacy of Detroit: What to make the future either doom or change? (2000s - Beyond
  • The Present -
    The Boom Capitol of the Post-War era to the modern globalization and corporate takeover of the world. 
  • "Demography"
  • "Demography"

    The amazing gentrification machine is on the move. The neighborhood communities of Detroit are divided not by space, but by culture. Each figure here represents the character of Detroit's people, from the prominent wealth of history and patronage of the city founding fathers, to the blue-collar workers and engineers that keep the city running.
  • Detail of "Demography"
  • "Economy"
  • "Economy"​
    "E" Machine rolls onward to a more mechanized, industrial future, driven by ideas and corporate profits. At the top, the machine is commanded by the plans of devious minds, conspiring over a hidden design. The architect is bookended by the embodiment of his creation and his obsession: robot, human, and trans-human.
    Money = knowledge plus information, multiplied by ideas, moves the world
  • The architect (Detail of "Economy")
  • Detail of "Economy"
  • "Trials and Tribulation"
  • "Trials/Tribulations"
    The "T" Machine is the burden of history, the weight of progress and power struggles that the people carry on. This image describes the division and schism of the American family, the separations between men and women, mother and father, brother and sister. While profiteers sit comfortably above the death machine that is grief, spewing oil and wastes on the laborers that must bear the results of bad politics, bad decisions, and bad blood.
  • Death Machine, detail of "Trials/Tribulations"
  • Detail of "Trials/Tribulations"
  • "Revolution"
  • "Revolution"

    The "R" Machine represents the monstrosity of progression, personified as a war machine that crushes and conquers all in its path.
  • The hammer of the oppressed, detail of "Revolution"
  • Detail of "Revolution"
  • "Occupation"
  • "Occupation"

    What is it mean to occupy? When all else is ephemeral, to exist, to retain a place of value in the world is an act of defience. The contraption represents the cyclical round of triumph, over culture, civilization, society, and its spoils. The beast of change roars on, driving the masses along and then those who cannot handle the pressures of progress are consumed in the wake of the machine's operation.
  • Detail of "Occupation"
  • Detail of "Occupation"
  • "Innonvation"
  • "Innovation"

    The "I" Machine represents the power of invention and reinvention, how the will of the creative intuitive mind can soar above all worldy adversity. It is that higher plane is in the change of value to those capable of guiding the future.
  • Detail of "Innovation"
  • Detail of "Innovation"
  • "Transformation"
  • "Transformation"

    This image depicts the transition into the future is described throughout as a transformation gateway, that the occupant is vaulted into a new realm of the unknown. The being is the catalyst, that we as the occupant is the center of change and we must brave fear to survive the future.
  • Detail of "Transformation"
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