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The Era of Bosie

3D Motion

围绕 BOSIE 的无性别主义设计理念,影片打造出超现实科幻异次元场景,和无性别特征的主角。异次元处以流动的金属作为主要置景元素,呈现出模糊的柔软状态,外在或内心,难以被界定。BOSIE 纪元中,遍布柔软的植物和娇嫩的色彩,与异次元的金属布景形成对比;而柔软的植物丛中毫不违和的不同性别、种族人群又与异次元中柔软的金属物质相呼应,同样难以界定和琢磨,但又融入到相似的和谐之中。

We did part of the CG scene and visual effects for the unisex fashion brand Bosie's fashion campaign. “The Era of Bosie” resists the stereotypical formulas of traditional commercials. Instead, it harnesses a surrealistic fantasy to sketch an intergalactic journey of exploring self and finding home, where the boundaries of gender disappear eventually. From a perspective of a mysterious traveler, you will be transported to different worlds where you are able to flee from reality and experience the unexpected wonder.


Behind the scene


Brand: Bosie
Agency/Presented by: 北京环时
Producer: Achill 明晰制作
Director: Angie Su
Production house: Flow and Manifolds
CG Artist: Krystal Ding、刘鑫、朱雨婷、厉博宁
调色: Yuki
合成: 和众影视

The Era of Bosie