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An immersive campaign for Philips' SlimStyle light bulbs that encourages consumers to "make a change" and incorporates social media with Facebook… Read More
An immersive campaign for Philips' SlimStyle light bulbs that encourages consumers to "make a change" and incorporates social media with Facebook and the Everest smart phone app. Read Less
Target Audience:
Working middle class individuals between the ages of 30-50.
Consumer Insight:
People normally perfer the traditional incandescent lightbulbs because they are typically cheaper, and have a more comfortable light than LED bulbs.
By making a small change to the bulbs design, Philips has made a big change to the standard of light bulbs and their impact on the environment.
A small change can create a big impact.
Reasons to Believe:
By eliminating the heavy heatsink in the design, SlimStyle bulbs are the first LED bulbs to be under $10.
They provide a soft, comfortable light similar to that of incandescent.
They reduce energy costs and are less harmful to the environment.
They last for 22.8 years.

Art Directors: Devin Hilgenkamp & Matt Zimmerman
Copywriter: Eric Witman
There’s a theory that the value of an object can be measured by the strength and weight of its materials. The Slimstyle LED bulb is light and made of plastic. So it wouldn’t be out of the question to assume that it’s, well, cheap. And that’s exactly what it is.
Philips. Make a change.
People desire change, but seek comfort in familiarity. Intelligence is found somewhere in between. Crafted with this in mind, the SlimStyle LED maintains the recognizable warm glow of an  incandescent bulb. And that’s what makes it so different.
Make a change.
Sometimes it’s the smallest change that makes the biggest difference. Designed without a heavy heatsink, the SlimStyle LED bulb is the first of its kind. Lighter on resources and our wallets, this is more than just a light bulb. It’s a lighter bulb.
Make a change.
The microsite is a hub to explain the concept and the details of the campaign to consumers.
By downloading an app called "Everest," people can begin to make goals (journeys) and post statuses (moments) so they can stay socially motivated to make small changes in their life, or the world — just like Philips did with the SlimStyle bulb.
The campaign works on a point system by connecting with Facebook, so the more you interact with the app and Facebook, the more points you receive to redeem for Philips products, including the SlimStyle bulb.
See the website live here:
Once you have downloaded the app, you can view or redeem your points on the Facebook App Page for the Philips SlimStyle bulb. Each prize was selected with the intention of making a small change to improve the consumer's life. Depending on how many points you have accumulated, you can redeem them for prizes on this site.