SPIDER-MAN 2 Vector Tribute
Adobe Illustrator CC + Wacom + Imac

I’m a big fan of culture and  the “Yin-Yang”, enough to have it inspire me in regards of the hero / villain balance.  I also wanted to incorporate a stylized interpretation of Peter Parker’s iconic “Spidey-Senses” into the pieces.  I can only imagine the struggle that Peter Parker / Spidey is having and trying to balance it all out in this new sequel.
With each print, I incorporated the #2 to make it a very iconic yet direct visual call out paying tribute via my pop-deco vector style.

Here's my inspiration:

below: vector outline shapes
Below: vector anchor points
Below: Final Vector
Below: Vector outline shapes
above & below: vector achor points
below : final vector illustration
Below: Vector outline shapes
Below: Vector Anchor points
below: final vector illusration
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