This is how our cursor moves on the screen

This is how more than 10 million people’s cursor moves

Identifying key pain points for a person with Parkinson's when it comes to using a mouse informed a variety of concepts and interventions that improves the user experience for the user.

Single click - right and left                                                                                               Double click - right and left


2D to 3D

The initial idea was to make a spherical mouse that one moves around using the palm and manual buttons on either side to click. With feedback from an occupational therapist, the insight into neutral hand posture and surface support originated. The tilt click portion evolved through plasticine mockups. The channel in between the sides got deeper through iterations to provide more control of the mouse and support while tilting. The filleted rectangles are curved at the top to provide a hold for the pinky finger according to different user scenarios.

Physical computing

In order to make a working prototype, a Gyrosensor and optical sensor were required along with Arduino. The Gyrosensor with inbuilt accelerometer inside the mouse calculates the irregular tremor movements and counteracts on them through physical computing to provide a stabilised cursor. This filters out unnecessary tremor movements and provides smoother cursor movements and the optical sensor works like a normal mouse tracking the displacement in X&Y directions. 
With no experience in physical computing, it was tedious to make it work but with the help of ChatGPT4, the coding part was comparatively easier. Getting the right code, wrong connections, wrong sensors, desoldering and soldering to make it compact, it was a love-hate relationship but it was successful in the end!

Working prototype video

3D resin print with spray-painted matte black finish                                3D modelled in Rhino and rendered in Keyshot


Since there is a radical change to how a normal mouse looks, there had to be some similarity to the existing scenario. To keep the context of a workspace intact, the colour palette was basic with matte black and white. The olive green was added for a fresh breath and considering the age group of elders, a hue that is calming to the eye and serene was suggested. Made with 2-part injection moulding, the primary material is ABS with provision to easily disassemble during the recycling process.

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