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Seasons For Change | Move On [MV]

Seasons For Change - Move On (ft. reanne) [Music Video]

// Try to Move On -  Won’t Let you. //
You Are Your Own Worst Enemy. You’re Competing with No One, but Yourself.
Only you could let yourself go.

Chess is a mind game. Players need to think intensively for their moves & strategies
When you try to think what’s the next step. You might be overthinking, and yes, you are trapped.
And at the end, it’s a mind game with yourself.

Try to move on - your mind won’t let you.

Seasons For Change - Move On (ft. reanne)

Agency: Welvermind
Director: Andrew Lau & Jason Tsang @Welvermind
Starring: Alicia 
Editor: Andrew Lau & Jason Tsang @Welvermind
Art & Styling: Connie Chow
Art & Styling Assistant: Hilary Chan 
Gaffer: Malo Ma
Lighting Assistant: Hero Poon
Production Assistant: Raymond Sze
HMU on Band: Percy Shing
HMU on Alicia: Krishna
Title Designer: Jason Tsang @Welvermind
Photography: Enson Wan & Yani Yau

A project by Welvermind
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Seasons For Change | Move On [MV]

Project Made For

Seasons For Change | Move On [MV]

Music video creation (from concept to execution) for Seasons For Change on the brand new track "Move On".