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    Portable and flexible light.
KANGAROO LIGHT is a playful, portable, light, ingeniously designed to comfortably adjust and sit at the bottom of your bag; providing a soft glow when you are locating things, saving time and avoiding frustration. Its design and functionality allows you to use KANGAROO LIGHT on the go daily. 
 KANGAROO LIGHT has been designed to fully fit your lifestyle and can be used for multiple purposes, lighting your bag is one of the many ways you can use it.  Turn KANGAROO LIGHT into the perfect private reading light or perhaps add a hint of romantic light mood to that special dinner. The lighting possibilities are endless and for you to decide. 
KANGAROO LIGHT has a flexible white soft touch finish which is splash proof. It has 24 built-in LED lights which emit a soft glow on one side. Its Lithium-Ion battery offers 2,5 hours of non-stop light and is rechargeable via USB Port. An incorporated accelerometer enables different types of interactions and mesmerizingillumination modes (turn on, turn off, random flicker, change intensity, pulsing etc.), turning it into a playful and lively companion. 
KANGAROO LIGHT has been designed by STUDIO BANANA THiNGS in collaboration with The Innovation Quarter at Bangor University (UK).
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