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All in Space - Website redesign

Project Overview

All in Space is an architecture firm that prioritizes the functionality of workspaces, creating inspiring environments that reflect the unique identities of businesses. Their modern and minimalistic design approach is combined with a distinct flair of personality, resulting in captivating workspaces that embody both sophistication and functionality.

Please note that this project was created as part of a class taught by Studio Barbara, and is not officially affiliated with All in Space.
Analysis & Approach

Analyzing the brand's ethos, the aesthetic adopted for All in Space can be encapsulated in Mid-Century Modern minimalism, functional design, and a dash of character. The design aesthetic borrows from modernism and industrial design, but it sets itself apart through accentuating colors.​​​​​​​
Key Design Decisions

The dark absolute black color had to be softened as it seemed too intense and unnatural for digital use, causing visual fatigue and rendering differently on different screens. The logo was also modified for digital usage; the internal text and baseline were deemed unsuitable for small displays as they hindered legibility, thereby diminishing the brand's impact.

For a more engaging digital experience, a rounded cursor mirroring the logo's aesthetic was introduced. This enriched the navigation experience and reinforced calls to action. A rounded arrow was also incorporated to enhance site navigation and assist the user in understanding their location on the site.
View the prototype here.​​​​​​​
All in Space - Website redesign

All in Space - Website redesign

All in Space" is a company dedicated to creating engaging, functional, and unique workspaces that reflect the identity of their clients. With a f Read More


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