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Cross-platform app for The Economist Radio

A rapidly created, cross-platform app for listening to The Economist Radio
Project background
An incredibly lean and dynamic Snapp production for The Economist. The brief was to help The Economist explore the radio medium and its app experience. We had 8 weeks to deliver the app on as many platforms as possible. 

The team
I was in charge of all UX and UI Design for the project. The team was lead by Rohit Agarwal, with technical aspects lead by Jasper Morgan. All development was done by Illian Konchev and his team at Sparkle with iOS help from Jarret Hardie

What we did
We designed and built a responsive web app and hybrid apps for iOS and Android with native wrappers, functionality and navigation. This allowed us to reach all modern platforms and devices.

The iPhone app was featured in the iOS AppStore in "Best new apps" in April 2014.
How we worked
This was made possible by tight design-development collaboration, and continual and transparent communication with The Economist. We worked collaboratively and openly between Snapp and The Economist, utilising many sketches, mock-ups and prototypes, as we rapidly iterated the solution.

Cross-platform app for The Economist Radio


Project Made For

Cross-platform app for The Economist Radio

The Economist Radio app. For iOS, Android & Web