How a Helmet Can Make Drivers More Aware of Cyclists on the Road

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Brain on board!
When it comes to cycling, one thing is certain: accidents are more likely to happen if drivers around you don't pay attention. In addition to protecting your head from injuries, helmets can also play a role in preventing accidents by directly communicating with drivers.

The design and functionality of a helmet can have a significant impact on your safety while cycling. In this exploration, we'll look at three common design principles to consider when designing a bike helmet: iconicity, associating, and alerting. And how these principles can help keep you safe while cycling alongside careless drivers.


How can 3 levels of empathy and reaction keep you safe on the road?

❤️ Life
Recognizing the importance of our brain and the lasting impact an accident can have is crucial. The brain is a precious organ. It is responsible for everything we do in life. Communicating this message through an icon can improve awareness and responsibility for those around us.

💔 Fragile
Our associations with fragile objects shape our behavior around them. From a young age, we are taught to cherish and handle precious artifacts with the utmost care, recognizing the craftsmanship, love, and intricate details they embody.​​​​​​​

If you read the fine print on your helmet, you might be surprised at how strict some of the warranty and safety guidelines are. Material degradation, expiration dates, and dents can all impact your helmet's ability to protect you. By keeping track of these factors, users can easily upgrade or replace parts that are affected to ensure longevity and the highest level of safety.

❤️‍🔥 Danger
Taking action based on how we perceive and respond to potential hazards can make all the difference in avoiding accidents. Whether it's a busy street, a construction site, or even our own homes, fostering a heightened sense of awareness allows us to actively navigate these dangers with caution and minimize the risks of accidents.

Thanks for exploring, stay safe!

Helmet Exploration

Helmet Exploration