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New concept product for sustainability

Product / Branding / 3D
Concept design / Personal project /2021

 Toggle is your next food composter, for responsible consumers. This convenient product would not only make your indoor life easy and pleasant, but also change you to contribute to the environment.

Toggle your behavior, change your habit.
 The Holocene has ended. What we do now and in the next few years will profoundly affect the next few thousand years.
Nowadays, everything is delivered in a short time. But, due to this, urban waste is increasing. These often being buried or incinerated. Food waste is also recycled as animal feed, returning to the livestock industry, which causes emissions again.

 Toggle addresses these issues.
Toggle can dispose and compost package and food wastes at the same time and aiming for pleasant sustainability.
Toggle is inspired by 'how farmers make compost'. They use greens (grass, food, coffee, tea bags...) and browns.(Dry leaves, sawdust, wood...) So, Toggle suggest to make fertilizer using urban waste such as food, paper and cardboard. It will help minimize the environmental impact of individuals and promote responsibility for emission.

 This project started from thinking, 'Why should only consumers be bothered?'. 
Overplayed personal responsibility angle and greenwashing merchandise are frustrating consumers who have been feeling guilty of conscience. 
Rather than arguing with an agenda such as a paper straw, Toggle tries to present a concept that can achieve practical convenience and social contribution at the same time.

The way Toggle works is not only similar to using traditional millstones, but also to the modern toggle switch.
In this combination, it brings you a whole new experience.

Lifestyle changed as last-mile delivery developing. 
It's already familiar to us that everything arrives at the door with one button.
This competition calls for more packaging, and prompting consumers to order more food to meet delivery minimum standards.
Therefore, it creates more packaging and food waste.

Toggle uses these waste as main ingredients to make compost.
We can expect to reduce carbon emissions that appear in the waste disposal process.













In the bucket, grinder motor and heat treatment reduce the volume of waste.
Also, The Bucket handle is seamlessly connected to the product.


Odor filters can be maintained by periodically replacing activated carbon.

millstone lock system


'Open' or 'closed' marks are NOT required.
Toggle just tells you by 'color'.

The shredder hole is designed to block finger entry, but for the safety of the kid, the extra cover plate moves along the handle. It also serves to move the center of gravity to lift the lid.

Combine any color you want!


Steel stand





Design process







Toggle can dispose and compost package and food wastes at the same time and aiming for pleasant sustainability. Toggle is inspired by 'how farmer Read More