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    Production artwork for Neverwas
Pre-Production & Viz Dev, Production, Production Design, Art Department
Neverwas is a movie I worked on for 4 years, doing everything from visual development on through being the 2nd Unit Production designer and designing props, sets, etc...  I have more credits on that film than the writer/director.    I'll start off with the trailer and then list images chronologically starting with character development (as various actors were linked) on through pre-production artwork, production art, set & prop design etc...  
Pre Production:  Various character studies
Zachary Small when Ashton Kutcher was attached to the project.  The art was used as a pitch and meant to vaguely resemble Ashton as an illustrated children's book character
Adrien Brody version.  Then he got an Oscar and dropped out of the project.  Ultimately Aaron Eckhart was cast.
Illustration:  "Zachary Small in Neverwas" book cover
Illustrated cut sequence of Zachary (live action & illustrated) running through the woods