Domar Interior Gallery is the largest center with interior finishing materials in Poland. It has been present on the market for over 20 years. Among the 90 shops there are: Noti, Livingroom, Kartell and Interno Italiano. In the gallery one can get the advice of professional architects, meet with well-known designers and see the exhibitions. For years, Domar has been the only commercial space promoting Polish design.
[ Inspiration ]
Domar is the place associated with elegance and prestige, therefore our work is oriented on minimalism. We reduced the unnecessary information, elements and colors to keep the simplest form of communication. The red color was taken from the brand 's logo and Gotham font chosen with regard to its simplicity and very good legibility. The brightness  and intensity of the background affected the visibility and recognition of the advertisement. The Interior Gallery embraces a huge variety and a large range of products. An "endless" number of pictograms suggest the industry we deal with, and  also that we can buy everything here.
When designing the envelope for the insert we focused on the reduction and clarity, instead of long descriptions - clear and understandable pictograms. People are visual creatures ,thus they get persuaded easier by them. In order to maintain consistency, we drew an essential element – a map. 


Advertisement with its simple and clear message refers to the coupon detachment that is associated with promotions. In addition to traditional forms, a client received an unopened envelope as an insert. Then he or she could actually discover what was hidden beneath the white card.
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