Design of Trinity Laban logotype and crest
I researched the visual elements representing the parts which created Trinity Laban: Trinity College of Music used the symbol of the lily, still present in the architectural detail of the historic buildings; hexagons devised by Rudolf Laban to express movement and dance and the curved blue lines represent the river Thames as both faculties are alongside it.
Visual identity for Greenwich Cultural Forum
The concept is based on the observation that the Borough’s borders resemble the shape of a heart.
Visual Identity for Dolls House Ensemble
The brand reflecting the political engagement of the theatre company
Visual identity for Baobab Project
Utopia Theatre Company launched a project promoting new playwriting of African heritage, taking the pieces onto stage. I also came up with the name inspired by a poem by a Nigerian writer Wole Soyinka.
Visual identity for the biggest international research project investigating the effect of music on the musicians
The concept is based on the shape of instruments squashed and overlayed together which is a visual translation of the notions of impact, pressure, distortion.
Visual identity for PolkaDot translation and localisation agency
The identity was build around the name suggesting the polka dot pattern and the typeface referencing familiar cut from publishing.