iliadbusiness - La rivoluzione del lavoro! NO.
This series of 3x15'' + 1x30'' TVCs announces the launch of iliadbusiness, 
the division of iliad which provides services for businesses. 
B2B advertising usually shows a perfect world, full of smiling entrepreneurs whose dreams are easily achieved. A world of exaggerated and false promises, which iliadbusiness makes fun of - because the main values of the brand are truth and transparency. 

TVC - 30"
TVC - 15" - Architect
TVC - 15" - Lawyer
TVC - 15" - Restaurateur
Agency: TBWA\ Italy
Creative directors: Vittoria Apicella, Frank Guarini
Creative team: Luca Attanasio, Alessandro Monti, Yara Saad
Production Company: Blackball
Director: Iacopo Carapelli
DOP: Emanuele Zarlenga
Photographer: Byron Mollinedo

iliadbusiness - La rivoluzione del lavoro! NO.