Gravity Show- Ballpoint Drawings
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    Ballpoint pen drawings for the Gravity Show that was held at Salon 91 in May 2014
In May 2014 I took part in an  illustration show at Salon 91 Gallery in Cape Town featuring artists Cassandra Leigh Johnson, Mariette Bergh , Tess Metcalf, Nina Torr &  Maaike Bakker. The all-female illustration & multidisciplinary exhibition was themed around the idea of  ‘Gravity’, a natural phenomenon few have managed to escape. Playing on the idea of opposing gravity, defying it, and also being fascinated by it, the group explored the polarities of destruction, inversion, attraction.
My work for the exhibition made up of a variety of different media pieces that explored the idea of gravity being a binding force- a force that keeps everything in its place. My images explore the pull of gravity and the affect that it has on objects and people- how it draws them together or binds them to a specific location. For these three pieces I looked at scenarios where this force was no longer present and objects are no longer restricted to their normal locales- exploring the unexpected combination of people and objects, shown coexisting in an unnatural world. My body of works therefore revolves around the themes of restriction and release as the effects of gravity
This collection showcases the 3 ball point pen drawings that I did for the show.

Sunday on 55th Street
594 x 420mm
Ballpoint on Ashrad
right half detail
left half detail

Up in Smoke
297 x 420mm
Ballpoint on Ashrad

Waiting for Santa Maria
297 x 420mm
Ballpoint on Ashrad
All work was drawn by hand in pencil and then crafted with a blue bic ballpoint pen. My big piece 'Sunday on 55th Street' used 7 pens and took almost a month to complete
Gravity title typography designed by Cassndra Leigh Johnson