Form Balance
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Form Balance
"Rethinking common sense"
This 3D film was created for CHOCOCONCERT's representative product, the "Circle & Square" series. The creative inspiration comes from the perspective of "rethinking common sense". The aesthetic core is based on the relationship between body and clothing in Oriental culture, and draws on the Oriental philosophy that "the circle embodies the divine, the square reveals what is known".

Agency: 6:AM 六点多数字艺术
Art director : LUOXI
Concept: Tiantian, LUOXI
Animation & Design: LUOXI ,Gary Li, Keliji
3D modeling: Yong Wang, black
3D/Lighting/Rendering:Gary Li / Keliji
Production Manager: Tiantian
Edit/compositing: LUOXI
Music: Leven
Form Balance

Form Balance

A 3D film created for the design fashion brand.