This is an iPad kiosk presentation I created for when our company visits tradeshows. It allows visitors to see how our current customers are using their kiosks by viewing their presentations. At the bottom of every page I've added a form that allows anyone interested to sign up for more information. 

View the interactive Tradeshow Kiosk Here.
The Attractor loop above will continuously loop until a user touches the screen.
The above home page is a simple design that lets the user go to the presentation they'd like to view simply by clicking one of the 6 logos.
The secondary pages show screenshots and basic information about the kiosk. The image in the top left is actually a looping video, so the viewer can actually watch the customers attractor loop. If the user chooses to, they can view the actual kiosk presentation by simply clicking one of the images or the link above them.
This is another example of the trade show kiosk's secondary page.