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Nature Loves to Hide - Hanyu Cui


Herakleitus' Nature Loves to Hide has the following nuanced interpretations: firstly, nature is difficult to fully understand; and secondly, nature has a habit of hiding its nature, waiting to be read. So, no matter how hard nature tries to show itself to us, presenting us with a rich picture of prosperity and decline, its deepest and most important part of nature is still hidden behind the phenomena. 

What nature reveals is not a maxim in the form of a law, but an indication to be felt. Its most secretive parts may have been exposed around those visible things. Artist Hanyu Cui uses the form of painting to reveal the sensible forms of nature —those images of whimsical creatures and divine spirits that symbolize the essence of life and are hidden in nature—in a creative way. Nature loves to hide, but the spirit is revealed in this book.
Artist Hanyu Cui
Editor Ziming Lin
Designer Siwang Chan
Production IS A GALLERY 

©️ Hanyu Cui and IS A GALLERY

Nature Loves to Hide - Hanyu Cui

Nature Loves to Hide - Hanyu Cui