My Head Box (My Portfolio)
Take a look inside my head!
This is an old school project.
The brief asked just to bring a cd with our works inside, but to use a creative way to do it.
I started from a (maybe) trivial idea that is "all my works come from my brain" and wanted to make something funny about it.
So i created a box, made of foam board, which is the representation of my head. 
The CD is in my "brain", so you have to open it to get it.
with this handle you can open the box, like a drawer.
At first you won't be able to reach my brain and my ideas.
You'll only see my skull with a note that says "I can not relax without a cigarette".
So give me a cigarette if you want me to relax and to see my "skills".
Insert the cigarette in the hole in my mouth.
After giving me a cigarette, as if by magic, try to re-open the drawer and my brain will appear with the CD.
This an old crappy video i made like 1 year ago, to show you how it really works!
Sorry for the low quality but i didn't have better devices than an old camera from 2005.