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    Naming & Brand Identity project for Bristol-based company specialising in consumer guides for touch devices.
TapSmart is an online magazine that brings iPhone, iPad and iOS news, reviews and other tips and tricks to the hands of device owners. Priding themselves on enabling technology enthusiasts to get the most out of their devices, content creation was not a problem for the editorial team.
Previously running under publishing company ‘Intelligenti’, the magazine needed a stronger brand presence to allow it to move forward as a well-reputed standalone hub of Apple news.
We were tasked with unlocking a new name and creating a supporting brand identity for the magazine. Beforehand however, a great deal of attention needed to be paid to the reader profile, to ensure the magazine would be well-respected, visually appealing and functional in its design and identity. The editorial content and supporting brand would work hand in hand to ensure its reputation.
“With admittedly limited client input, the Gather’Round team just got what we were about straight away. They delivered an impressive, differentiated brand as well as a trade-markable and relevant name for which the dot com address was available. They then used this to deliver a great on-brand website. The results were borderline genius and I’ve used them again since, and will do so again.”
Jon Bonnick
It was clear from the outset that a strong strategic vision would need to be developed with both teams to lead the creative direction. Following on from this research and character building, a list of around 10 names were considered, with TapSmart being the eventual winner.
Inspired by the pixelated landscape in technology, we created a set of ‘Pixelscapes’ with the intention of them being used three-fold; within the logo, in letterforms and in imagery.
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