Hipostazy | AI powered visual identity

About the Client:
Hipostazy is a gaming-focused zine that aims to understand and describe various aspects of video games.


As part of Hipostazy's visual identity, we commissioned an animation from Stable Diffusion and used AI-powered tools to create additional concept animations and materials. We also designed a logo that references Trajan's column and the concept of hypostasis.

The Idea:

"Design a cutting-edge project for 'Hipostazy' brand, fusing the latest technology and AI-powered tools to construct an immersive fantasy world. 'Hipostazy,' a gaming-focused zine, explores and articulates diverse facets of video games with innovation and imagination.

Website      Animation      Brand Identity      Print Design      Social Media

First concept:

Final animation:


The main goal was to bring all of Hypostasis' work together in one cohesive platform, covering a variety of media, including videos, articles and a dedicated contact section. We wanted to keep the site in an imaginative world, so we opted for a slightly unconventional, off-grid design aesthetic, complemented by subtle but engaging animations to increase user interaction without distracting from the blog content.

Main Designer: Stan Zaykowski
AI Animation: Jacek Nowak
Web Design: Jacek Nowak
Web Development: Darek Sułtanowski, Sławek Adamczyk
Business: Igor Subocz​​​​​​​


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Hipostazy | AI powered visual identity