Brace Armchair

Design/3D vizualization: Alena Prokhorova
The Brace armchair is inspired by the effortless style of the modern urbanite, this piece seamlessly blends form and function to deliver a truly unique and alluring seating experience. From its sleek lines to its tasteful accessory, this armchair is the perfect embodiment of understated elegance and a true standout in the world of design.
The Brace Lounge Chair is designed to be a simple and user-friendly experience. The soft seat is attached to the metal frame with the help of a belt-like accessory. To operate the chair, the user simply sits down on the soft seat and pulls the belt around the back of the frame, securing it in place with a carabiner. This innovative accessory transforms the chair from a standard lounge seat into a comfortable and stable seating experience. The interaction between the user and the chair is made more interactive and playful with the belt, adding a sense of humor to the design.
Through a series of surveys and in-depth interviews, design research revealed that modern users prioritize comfort and stability in seating solutions. The Brace Lounge Chair was created to address these needs while providing a unique user experience. Its belt-like accessory secures the soft seat, reducing stress and enhancing stability while incorporating humor. This research-driven approach distinguishes the Brace Lounge Chair from other seating solutions.
To create the Brace Chair, there was a need to balance comfort and stability with humor. The surveys and interviews with users to identify their needs, resulting in a belt-like accessory that secures the soft seat to the metal frame. The chair's minimalist, modern design appeals to a broad range of users, providing comfort, stability, and an interactive element that can enhance well-being.

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The Brace armchair


The Brace armchair