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    Logo, identity system and packaging design for IT security company based in Dublin - NTT Security.
NTT SECURITY (Dublin, Ireland) specializes in information security providing services and products for the following areas:

S / SECURE SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT LIFECYCLE. According to the latest security market trends, NTT decided to have a specific department focused on application security from a source code perspective. This kind of activities, even if they have the same goal of the ones provided by the TECHNICAL SECURITY department, approaches the problem from a different angle. Basically this activity is provided during the software manufacturing and developing itself.

T / TECHNICAL SECURITY is the most technology and technical oriented department. In this right moment NTT Security deliver just a part of the upcoming services we are going to deliver in the right next future. We’d like to highlight this field as a very technical and technological division.

C / COMPLIANCE (with an accent on PCI DSS) a very consultancy focused set of services. We are aware that many clients need to be compliant to this or that standard to run its own business.

Rebranding, Brand Architecture, Logo and Identity Development, Packaging, Copywritting, Brand Guidelines.